Name            : CHESS Towel

Compound  : %100 Cotton – RING Spun  
Pile                : Warp 20/2 - Weft 20/2
Weight          : 350 Gr
Size               : 100 x 180 cm   
Features       : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality, Softness, High Absorbency
Usage           : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs, Baths and Home Decoration


Turkish Peshtemals have attracted the attention of the whole world in recent years and have become demanding.

The loincloth, which is generally used to cover the waist down in Turkish baths, is now used as a bath towel in saunas, beaches, and in our homes. The loincloth, which has been carried from our traditions and customs to the present, is blended with technology and woven more quickly and flawlessly.

The peshtemal traditional towel is a quick-drying towel type. Since it is made of very special yarn, its absorbency is very high. The Pestemal towel is also used as a yoga towel, due to its very lightness, fullness, and high absorbency.

Peshtemal Turkish Towel gives you a wonderful post-bath feeling on cold winter days. It keeps you warm after the bath. It always gives a soft warm feeling.

You can use it as a yoga towel while doing yoga, sports. Since it is light, it does not weigh you down. You don't even realize you're carrying a towel on you.

In the summer season, you can use peshtemal towels as a beach towel. It will keep you warm and you will not feel you have a towel on you.  Peshtemal is also known as a Turkish bath towel. It is traditionally used as a hammam towel in Anatolia. 

Traditional pestemal Towel Features

  • super absorbent
  • it is very lightweight
  • very stylish
  • keeps warm
  • its softness increases as you use it
  • Machine washable
  • You don't need to use a fabric softener.
  • %100 cotton


The loincloth, which attracts the attention of women with its fine texture, elegance, and elegance, is now used not only in baths but also in every place where people meet with water.

In addition, blouses, dresses, tunics, shirts, bags are made from Peshtemal. Peshtemal, which attracts more and more attention from the fashion world, is mostly produced in Denizli and Buldan.

Especially in Buldan, it is woven in non-electric, fully human-powered looms, which we call handloom, as well as in semi-electronic black looms and fully automatic looms. It is produced using cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose. Loincloth woven on handloom using cotton and madder has been used for many years.

The loincloths that are 50-60 years old from the chests are woven in this style. Considering that the low number of producers is not sufficient to meet the demand for the product in the market, the price value of the loincloth will increase day by day.

The word loincloth is of Persian origin; Covering fabric refers to the apron that prevents the clothing from getting dirty while doing business, and the fabric used for covering in baths. Although it is known as loincloth among the people, the correct spelling is a loincloth.

The shortest answer to the question of what is a loincloth is a rectangular thin weave wrapped around the waist. It is used by knotting because it is seamless. The person who will wear the loincloth wraps the fabric around himself and then knots the two ends together and fastens it.

When we look at the usage of colored loincloths in the Ottoman Empire, it is seen that the loincloth was primarily used as an apron. Especially in palaces, he separated the service class from the others. In the baths, it was started to be used for ornamental purposes and to look ostentatious. It is possible to see the loincloth used for aprons in the Black Sea region today. It continues to be used especially by women working in the fields and agricultural works by wearing them on the front of their clothes. Loincloth produced in various patterns and colors throughout history; Today, it is usually sold in black, red, and white. However, it is possible to find traditional patterns and different colors produced by different brands. The production of loincloths called futa, made of silk, was discontinued a long time ago.


Since it is woven from cotton and linen threads, it has a very high ability to absorb water. Since it has a fine texture, it dries in a short time, it is easier to carry than a towel. Once you start using loincloth, you will never be able to give up.

The loincloth, which is an integral part of Turkish culture, is a kind of weaving that we are accustomed to seeing in Turkish baths and spas. These weavings, known for their history dating back to the Ottoman Empire and their worldwide reputation, are among the pieces that attract the most attention from the tourists visiting our country. There is a lot of data to know about the loincloth, which stands out with its light and thin structure. So what is a loincloth? Let's examine together.

Turkish towel peshtemal Types

Depending on the purpose of use, loincloths can be divided into two different types. These types are called head and loincloth. Head loincloth is weaving that is generally used in the Black Sea region and is tied to the neck or head of women. Head loincloths are separated from each other according to the weaving techniques and colors used. colored loincloths, what is loincloth, red or orange is used as the second color in large loincloths prepared in 120x200 cm dimensions and preferred in dark blue tones. Usually, plaid patterns dominate, but you can also find striped models. In the head loincloth, which is called scissors, the pattern is like the blade of a pair of scissors. It is also known as keşan because of its likeness to the Persian loincloth. While vibrant colors are used by young and single women, married and older women prefer a fez-colored loincloth.

Where is Peshtemal Used?

After answering the question of what is peshtemal, we can look at its intended use and where it is used. In addition to the models used locally in the Black Sea, you can see that loincloth is used in many areas of modern life. The loincloth is widely used especially in Turkish baths and saunas. When entering the bath, all clothes are taken off, the loincloth is wrapped around the body and knotted at the waist or chest. The loincloth, which is highly permeable thanks to its thin structure, helps you benefit from the heat of the bath while preventing the body from being seen. It is used in the same way in saunas. The man wearing a loincloth, what is a loincloth. It can also be used as a towel by the pool and the sea. Especially in the summer period, the high temperatures make it difficult to use thick towels. For this reason, many people prefer to use loincloths in summer. It can also be used as a bath towel. With its thin structure, many people prefer a loincloth as a towel after showering in gyms. In-home use, it can be used to maintain the coolness of the body in the summer period when the temperatures are high. It is also very easy to carry compared to normal towels. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for sports activities, training, and one-day activities. It also dries pretty quickly compared to a towel.

9 Different Uses of Peshtemal

When Turkish towels are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, loincloths. This towel type, colloquially called "peshtemal" also known as "Hammam towel", is actually an Ottoman tradition. Today's reputation of peshtemals has exceeded the borders of the country.

So much so, that loincloths, which have become the biggest favorite of tourists, are among the most frequently asked and curious products as gifts. In recent years, loincloth has started to become a trend with different usage styles besides its use as a towel. We have researched all these usage areas for you. Before taking a look at these uses, which you should definitely include in your home, let's get to know the loincloth towels closely.


What is Peshtemal towel?


The loincloth, which we see used in baths, is a garment used to cover the waist down. It is also known as a dress worn by those who learned the craft and were promoted to mastery during the Ottoman period. Loincloths, which are mostly seen in baths, are among the traditional head coverings of today's Eastern Black Sea women. Generally, dark and matte colors are preferred among married women, while it is known that lighter colors and vibrant tones are preferred for single women.


In addition to its thinness and lightness, the loincloth is among the towel types that are frequently preferred in summer, thanks to its high absorbency and lightweight. Thanks to its functional use and traditional striped patterns, it is one of the rare pieces that manage to shape beach fashion every year. Now, let's look at the usage areas of loincloths together.


Peshtemal Usage Areas


9 different ways of using peshtemal;


Use in the Bathroom as a bath towel

The most important feature of loincloths is that they can be used as towels. For this reason, they are used in the form of a hand towel, also known as a loincloth bathrobe or peskir. Thanks to its thin, soft, and super absorbing structures, it provides excellent use, especially in the summer months as bathroom towels. In the meantime, let's not forget that the product can also be preferred as a bathroom curtain, adding a stylish and bohemian style to the bathrooms.


Use in the Kitchen

Thanks to its fast absorbency and useful structure, loincloths can be preferred in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Moreover, you can be sure that it will add elegance to your kitchen with oven doors or hung on door handles.


Beach Use

We have said before that loincloths shape the beach fashion. The loincloth, which can be used as a pareo on a swimsuit or bikini on the beach, can also be used as a beach towel. Moreover, loincloths, which do not take up much space in the bag due to their thinness, make it easier to dry after the sea or pool with its quick-dry organic cotton.


Yoga Mat

Did you know that loincloths can be used as mats during yoga? You've probably never heard of this before. However, loincloth conquers the hearts with this usage. The fact that it is produced with a thicker weave than traditional towels makes it a great mat.


Picnic Blanket

Peshtamals are with you at the picnic! Loincloths that you can have in a variety of colors, and patterns will be a great picnic blanket when you have a picnic with different size options and will never bother you with their texture!


Table Cover

Loincloths, which we have witnessed in home decoration, can be excellent tablecloths. You can also get a beautiful view by laying these tablecloths in different colors and patterns on your table that you use in your garden during the summer months. If you wish, you can buy several pieces at once and use them as a runner on your table. The choice is yours.



We think we don't need to tell you how nice sofa shawls look in winter. Let's say that you can also benefit from %100 Turkish cotton when choosing a sofa shawl. Especially striped patterns will add movement to your solid-colored sofas and will change your home environment in an instant. Tell us!


Over Bed Runner

The loincloths that you will lay on your bedspread in the form of a runner can suddenly add a different atmosphere to your room. We think it's worth a try. You don't need to use fabric softeners. The more you wash the eco-friendly Turkish towel, the softer it gets.


Use on Cloakroom

A loincloth towel that you can place in the cloakroom at the entrance of your house can be very useful for you. Especially after a rainy day, you may feel the need to dry yourself as soon as you enter the house.

Just at these times, loincloth will come to your rescue. Oh, and let's not forget to add that it will offer an extremely stylish look in the cloakroom where it hangs. Turkish peshtemal is made of fast-drying cotton.


As you can see, peshtemals have multiple uses and are extremely useful. You can also benefit from the functional structures of these loincloths for both yourself and the decoration of your home. Do not forget to contact us on our contact page to buy the best loincloth towels with the best price guarantee.

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